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Google Chrome

September 3, 2008 2 comments

Well, I downloaded Google Chrome today. I dare say even though i haven’t read the full Chrome story , i don’t really find it any better than Firefox, atleast from a user perspective.My take at some of the ‘features’ listed in the Chrome welcome page:

1)The ‘one box for evething’ :This works in Firefox as well.Infact the google search engine is used to display the search results if the keyword is not the url of an already visited page /stored in your bookmark.

2)New Tabe page: Duh !Tabbed browsing has been there since ages in Firefox.Moreover, Firefox is sensible enough to not add a ‘close’ button on the tab if there is only one tab.I was downloading something on Chrome and i closed all the tabs and you know what? All my downloads got cancelled ! In other words, the application terminates if you close all tabs.

Application shortcuts : These are just shortcuts,people ! Instead of cluttering your desktop/quick start with links, you might as well save them as bookmarks.You need to open the browser anyway to view the apps.Another Duh !

3)Dynamic tabs and Crash control: I must say these are really cool.I liked the flexibility provided by Chrome in tabs management.

4)Incognito: Again, there are plugins for firefox which provide similar functionality.

5)Safe browsing : Firefox has it too :

Security Certificate

Security Certificate

6)Instant bookmark:Ditto as above.

7)Simpler downloads: Well,like i said above, DO NOT close all your tabs when downloading something or risk losing it.This does not happen in Firefox, where the download window continues even if the brower is closed. (If you close that window too for the sake of Chrome like ‘unobtrusiveness’, then the download stops, but you can resume it later of the dowload url supports it.)

Performance:This might seem a naive approach, but i could not find any improvement when i looked at theĀ  memory cosumed by Firefox and Chrome.Here’s the screenshot :

Firefox vs Chrome

Firefox vs Chrome:Firefox=29,232KB;Chrome=49,332KB

The bottom line: With all the extra addons and customizations possible, i think Firefox gets you a better deal.But Chrome is still in beta (That all google produts are beta-forever is another philosophy altogether) and one can only wait and watch what happens.

By the way,in case you want to save the Chrome installation executable for reinstalling or whatever, you can find it in the
C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_LOGIN_NAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application.2.149.27\Installer folder.