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The deal with south Indian names

January 8, 2011 4 comments

Every time I have to fill up my surname in an application form, I feel that I’m cheating myself.Why? Because I’m south Indian and we (a majority of us anyway) do not use surnames.South Indians have this concept of using an ‘initial’ wherein we place alphabet(s) before our names. The alphabet can stand for different things depending on the state where you are from. For Malayalees  it’s their house name (‘Tharavadu’), for Tamilians  it’s their father’s name and for the folks from Andhra, I think it is the name of the place where they are from.

Being the Chennai raised  fraud mallu that I am, I have my dad’s name as my initial. The story goes that the initial was originally my house name but the  primary school in Chennai would not admit me unless I had it changed the Tamil way.

Coming back to application forms, now that we had to compulsorily fill the surname column, we chose the easy way out-we simply expanded our initial and made it our surname (don’t pretend you did not do this; I know what is in your passport!) So essentially, my dad’s first name is my last name.How much more confusing can it get? Apparently a lot more because some of my good friends have 4 initials and I have dared not to ask them for their expansions.If you are from the north (read north/east/west), you conveniently used your caste or clan name as your surname.Pity us southies who preferred to remain anti-racial 🙂 If you see a south Indian using his caste (nair/naidu/iyer etc) as his last name, be rest assured that the person was not raised in the south.

I strongly advocate that there be only one column for the name field and I be allowed to fill in whatever I please  (I mean whatever- GR44,The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, Ravi_drop_tables from*_shankar…you get the whiff ). If my name is Ravishankar N. , I want to fill it EXACTLY that way without having to explain to anybody what the initial stands for.Screw your database software if it does not accept null values for surnames!

P.S: In case you were wondering, GR44 is the robot played by Van Damme in Universal Soldier.

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Nothing in particular

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

It has been exactly one year since my last weblog.Blame it on twitter, I find it rather convenient to post updates in under 140 characters.A lot has happened in this last 365 days -got a job,changed to another one (perfect jobs are a myth but more on that on another day), moved to different city,discovered more web-comics (abstrusegoose FTW),unwillingly gave away to  more facebook activity than on orkut, etc etc.Most of my pals seem to have abandoned orkut;I always found it to be a better way to be networked ,especially with the various moderated communities (communities with real content!) on it.

As usual, I’ve been keeping myself up to date with what’s happening in the electronics/software technology space.I recently bought a hawkboard and have been playing with it.Loaded with DSP and multimedia features, at 5500 bucks it is worth every penny spent.Expect posts on it soon 😀 If you are an electronics enthusiast (and poor) like me, I strongly recommend trying out the board.

Life in general seems to be going in a good direction.Incidentally,today is the birth anniversary of Sir Visvesvaraya and holds special significance to the engineering community in India.So here’s wishing all my EE/CS buddies a great day ahead  🙂

    > +++++++
    > +++++++++
    > +++
    > +
    <<<< -
> ++ .
> +++++++ .
+++++++++++++++ .
+++++++++ .
>++ .
<< --- .
>----------- .
------- .
++ .
+++++ .
--------- .
+++++++++++++ .
+ .
> +++++++ .
------- .
<< - .
> ------------------ .
++++++++++++++++++++++++ .
> + .
> .

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s written in brainfuck.Check out the wikipedia entry and have fun deciphering the message.Special care has been taken to ensure it is formatted well.

Psst! If you’re an MBA or are impatient, you might want to use the online compiler to decrypt the message 😀

Stay tuned for more posts, peace out.

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Graduation Blues

July 22, 2009 2 comments

I recently (on the 12th of July) finished my graduate studies at iiit-b and now looking back at the past two years, i realize that it was one heck of a journey.It was an exciting and wonderful experience to come back to the campus atmosphere after working for 3 years. I initially found it a bit hard to cope up with the academic rigour (and you though college life was easy compared to the corporate world!) but i guess i improved along the way.There were many things that i picked up here many of which were a first-time thingy for me:

*Staying up beyond 11pm in the night.I’m glad i realized that 6 hours of sleep is all you need a day 🙂
*Staying away from home in a dormitory for the first time
*Ate maggi noodles at 2 a.m. (This was during the one and only time i pulled an all nighter)
*Became an expert in web information retrieval (read ‘google-ing’)
*Gained confidence on tackling projects head on without even having an iota of prior knowledge about the problem domain/complexity (this is probably the best learning that i’ve learnt here)
*Watching movies/ serials back to back on my laptop
*Just-in-time submissions of assignments (Most of the deadlines were at 12:00am and the submissions happen just before it)

Overall, i think it was one of the most memorable two years of my life.I’m not being overly nostalgic but I’m starting to miss my hostel room already.

As of this writing i am still on the look out for a job (another first too, as i was fortunate to start working immediately after undergrad).Blame it on the economic recession but i know its only a matter of time before the wheels of time turn…

My best wishes to the graduated class of 2009!

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Stop the music(k) please!

March 18, 2009 3 comments

After some self-deliberation on whether is should write this or not, i finally decided that i am going to.WTH!,my blog is called entitled opinions.So whats the fuss all about,you ask.It’s the noise that comes out of mobile phone speakers.Most of the mid range phones that support music playback today have an inbuilt speaker.And the folks who own it seem to think that public broadcast is their birth right.They are everywhere- on the bus, in the road,in the hotel…They think that they are doing a favour by playing songs on their speaker. Little do they realize that others people actually give a damn.In fact the sound is so annoying that at any distance more than a foot away from the phone, all one hears is a cacophony of vessels clanging and glass breaking.For heaven’s sake,use the damn headphones, people.If you think that you are ‘cool’ blasting noise off your cheap phone, think again!If you are like me and come across one of these subnormally intelligent people,i strongly urge you to ask them to stop the inconvenience immediately.It might not work the first time, but i’m sure if they constantly hear the complaint, they might gradually stop it.

Do it folks!Tolerating nonsense is not a virtue.

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The year that was

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Its been quite some time since my last blog.Not that I’ve been busy but I was kinda lazy to write.

Finally,another year of the Gregorian calendar comes to an end as i March [or is it January 🙂 ] into the future.2008 has been a mixed experience for me.Some musings:

1.An entire year of work (read ‘studies’) without pay (boy, do i miss my salary).
2.Non stellar performance at subjects like DSP,DSD,OS (don’t bother finding if you don’t know what they stand for).
3.Commendable summer-sem performance in Marketing and Technical communication(No, i still don’t want to do an MBA).
4.Completed Prince of Persia-Sands of Time on my lappy(Ok,old game but hey, i finished the game without using a mouse!).
5.Was Tested On my English skills as a Foreign Language (7000 INR->108/120->zero calls.Now do the math).
6.Never watched TV (but compensated by on-demand Internet and downloads).
7.Got in touch with some of my good school friends after a LONG time (Social Networks do have advantages i guess).
8.Wrote two longest term papers of my life (At 3200+ words each,i will put ’em here depending on my instructor’s feedback).
9.Discovered there exists a DJ Armin Van Burren (His techno is amazing.I personally feel his music is better than Paul Van Dyk).
10.Got an internship offer in the domain that i so longed to switch to(Determined to make the most of it).

Eager to find out what 2009 has in store for me…….

Wishing you all a great new year ahead. Rock on folks.

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I Love My ThinkPad

September 10, 2008 2 comments

I have a ThinkPad R60 which was given to all students  by the college.Though i knew that ThinkPads are known for their robustness, i hadn’t given much thought to it.That was until the fateful day of 8th September, when the laptop bag fell from my lap while i was travelling in a bus.It was a Volvo and i was sitting on the seat near the door.So thats about a meter and quarter high from the floor of the bus.The driver applied the brakes suddenly and wham ! My bag did a couple of rather gymnastic somersaults before landing on the floor.I was pretty sure that the bag’s contents would have depreciated in value to some peanuts’ worth of garage junk.I reached hostel and examined it. Okay, the LCD casing was split. All the display electronics was jutting out.I tried to fix the display as much as i can and pressed the power button.The thing booted immediately.The OS loaded, the keys were fine and the wi-fi (whose antenna is embedded on the LCD panel)  worked too.All was ok, phew.! But the lid was not closing properly as the interlocks were misaligned.Called up customer care and the guy came and fixed them too.(Thanks Ranjith !)

My lappy is now back to normal, except for a small hole in the corner of the LCD where the plastic had chipped off.This incident has really made me appreciate the robustness of a Thinkpad. I’m sure a Mac or a Viao or a Dell wouldn’t have survived the fall. Alteast the hard disk might have concked off if not the entire system.I am a ThinkPad fan for life now and have decided that my next upgrage is going to be a ThinkPad and a ThinkPad only.

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I dont even know what LISP stands for !

July 20, 2008 Leave a comment

You are Lisp.  Very few people like you (Probably because you use too many parenthesis (You better stop it (Reallly)))
Which Programming Language are You?

Update:Looks like i did not miss much 🙂

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