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Nothing in particular

It has been exactly one year since my last weblog.Blame it on twitter, I find it rather convenient to post updates in under 140 characters.A lot has happened in this last 365 days -got a job,changed to another one (perfect jobs are a myth but more on that on another day), moved to different city,discovered more web-comics (abstrusegoose FTW),unwillingly gave away to  more facebook activity than on orkut, etc etc.Most of my pals seem to have abandoned orkut;I always found it to be a better way to be networked ,especially with the various moderated communities (communities with real content!) on it.

As usual, I’ve been keeping myself up to date with what’s happening in the electronics/software technology space.I recently bought a hawkboard and have been playing with it.Loaded with DSP and multimedia features, at 5500 bucks it is worth every penny spent.Expect posts on it soon 😀 If you are an electronics enthusiast (and poor) like me, I strongly recommend trying out the board.

Life in general seems to be going in a good direction.Incidentally,today is the birth anniversary of Sir Visvesvaraya and holds special significance to the engineering community in India.So here’s wishing all my EE/CS buddies a great day ahead  🙂

    > +++++++
    > +++++++++
    > +++
    > +
    <<<< -
> ++ .
> +++++++ .
+++++++++++++++ .
+++++++++ .
>++ .
<< --- .
>----------- .
------- .
++ .
+++++ .
--------- .
+++++++++++++ .
+ .
> +++++++ .
------- .
<< - .
> ------------------ .
++++++++++++++++++++++++ .
> + .
> .

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s written in brainfuck.Check out the wikipedia entry and have fun deciphering the message.Special care has been taken to ensure it is formatted well.

Psst! If you’re an MBA or are impatient, you might want to use the online compiler to decrypt the message 😀

Stay tuned for more posts, peace out.

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