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The year that was

Its been quite some time since my last blog.Not that I’ve been busy but I was kinda lazy to write.

Finally,another year of the Gregorian calendar comes to an end as i March [or is it January 🙂 ] into the future.2008 has been a mixed experience for me.Some musings:

1.An entire year of work (read ‘studies’) without pay (boy, do i miss my salary).
2.Non stellar performance at subjects like DSP,DSD,OS (don’t bother finding if you don’t know what they stand for).
3.Commendable summer-sem performance in Marketing and Technical communication(No, i still don’t want to do an MBA).
4.Completed Prince of Persia-Sands of Time on my lappy(Ok,old game but hey, i finished the game without using a mouse!).
5.Was Tested On my English skills as a Foreign Language (7000 INR->108/120->zero calls.Now do the math).
6.Never watched TV (but compensated by on-demand Internet and downloads).
7.Got in touch with some of my good school friends after a LONG time (Social Networks do have advantages i guess).
8.Wrote two longest term papers of my life (At 3200+ words each,i will put ’em here depending on my instructor’s feedback).
9.Discovered there exists a DJ Armin Van Burren (His techno is amazing.I personally feel his music is better than Paul Van Dyk).
10.Got an internship offer in the domain that i so longed to switch to(Determined to make the most of it).

Eager to find out what 2009 has in store for me…….

Wishing you all a great new year ahead. Rock on folks.

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