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Missed Call

“Give me a missed call”, said my friend.”Ok”,i said.
Welcome to the world of missed calls.Not an Indian phenomenon anymore, missed calls were invented by the cost-conscious citizen to make use of the cellular network without paying a paisa for the call.I was amused to find a wiki on it

Top 5 reasons why i give a missed call:
1.Signaling home when i reach office in the morning and leave office in the evening
2.Waiting for a friend who has not turned up yet for a rendezvous
3.Cannot afford my outgoing call tariff (to be read ‘the called party is at a monetarily higher strata of the society’)
4.Giving my number to a person
5.Its nothing urgent and i don’t want to disturb the called party

The best part is you don’t need a mobile or a caller ID to capture the number. As long as you have defined a protocol (say the number of rings at a particular time signals a particular event ) it works fine.No matter how much the call costs come down, missed calls are here to stay 🙂

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